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The goal of this mini-guide is to make it easier for you to export and send files.

Remember that we have to create an audio file for each track that has the same duration as the song / disc.

I'm asking for raw tracks:  .wav files at 24 bit, 44.1 kHz.

If the sample rate is higher don't worry and send me what you have, i'll set up a session with a different sample rate 


  • Save a new session and rename it "export"

  • Check all editing crossfades

  • Clean up tracks by removing silences, noises and everything you don't want mixed (ex: singer's coughs/noises)

  • Apply fade-ins and fade-outs to each individual clip

  •  Consolidate all tracks from scratch (that means create single track from clips)

  •  (if you haven't already done, export the mix as is: I need it as preproduction)

  • Delete ALL plugins

  • Remove ALL automations (if any)

  • If there are some essential plugins to create some effect (delay, reverb, etc. etc.) duplicate the track, rename it “xxx-wet” and leave the plugin active only on this



It may seems obvious but the tracks must be named with a logical sense. Every single track MUST HAVE the name of the instrument or the microphone used.

  • Kick (in - out - subkick)

  • Snare Top

  • Snare Bottom

  • Tom 1 - 2 - 3 etc etc

  • OH (overhead)

  • HH (Charleston / HiHat)

  • Ride, splash, china etc etc

  • Gtr L

  • Gtr R

  • Gtr Lead

  • Gtr harm (general harmonizations)

  • Vox 1

  • Vox 2 etc etc 

  • Vox OD (OverDub track = vocal overdubs)

I'm not asking you to respect this type of nomenclature literally, it's enough for me that if you have to name the Guitar track call it GTR 1 or GTR L or GTR Rythm but not FRANK. I hope you get the idea.



  • All mono tracks should be exported as mono WAV files

  • Stereo tracks (such as drum rooms and synths) should be exported as stereo WAV files

  • Save the midi tempo-list

  • Name all files correctly: Kick-in, Snare-top, Gtr Left D.I., Bass D.I. etc..

  • IMPORTANT: export all files with the same bitrate / sample rate

  • Pay close attention: the export must always start from the beginning bar of the song for ALL files, even if this means having long audio files that contain a lot of silence



  • Drum map (which midi note corresponds to which shell/cymbal?)

  • Write a document with all the session info (bit rate, sampling rate, tools used)

  • If I need to know something important, add a text file and call it really IMPORTANT READ HERE YOU AS*H*LE, so you can immediately get my attention

  • The more information we have, the better we work.

Communication could be a problem, so don't be afraid to write me all the info you think is important and also add those that are irrelevant or obvious to you



There are several cloud / file transfer services, the most used are:



PLEASE DO NOT USE GOOGLE DRIVE (it could be a pain in the ass)

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